Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Listing of Employees Who May Have Been Paid Incorrectly Bulletin No. 82
Date: 3/9/99
Attached is a listing of employees who may have been paid incorrectly for Administration checks dated March 3, 1999 and Institution checks dated March 11, 1999. A problem occurred because of a "bug" in an upgrade supplied by PeopleSoft, which now has been fixed. As a result, however, employees who had a mid-pay period change, (termination, rehire) in the middle of a pay period, could have been paid incorrectly. This could also affect additional salary factors that were added or ended in the middle of a pay period.

Review the attached listings carefully. If an employee was not paid correctly, enter ADJ in the time entry panel with the total adjusted amount (including any additional salary factors paid incorrectly). Enter "PaySR error" in comments for your auditor’s attention.

If you have any questions on this bulletin, contact Carol Preusser at (518) 474-3088.