Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Fiscal Year Changes for the Budget Year 1999 Bulletin No. 84
Date:    3/22/99
The purpose of this bulletin is to inform agencies of the new Fiscal Year 1999 process in PaySR.

Position Pool ID’s

The account code for the position pool ID’s will automatically be charged to the new fiscal year 1999 when the Budget Year field is blank. (Refer to Bulletin 74 - Adding the Budget Year to the Position Pool). It is not necessary to insert a row and make any changes on the Position Pool Table. If earnings should be charged to the budget Year 1998, insert a row for the Department ID and Pool under: Start, Define Business Rules, Define Budget/Encumbrnce(U.S.), Setup, Position Pool Table, and change the effective date to 04/01/1999, tab to the Budget Year and enter 1998. The new fiscal year changes will be effective in Administration 26-LAG and 1-Current (payroll checks dated April 14, 1999) and Institution 1-LAG (payroll checks dated April 22, 1999).

Continuous Split Charges currently reported on the Position Pool Table will not be canceled in PaySR. These split charges will be charged to the new fiscal year 1999 when the Budget year field is blank.

Reporting Line Number Changes

There is no realignment process in PaySR. Agencies wishing to make line number changes for the position should not enter these transactions until Pay Period 2. To change a line number use the path, Start , Manage Positions, Use, Position Data (Agency), Position Data 1, Update Display. The effective date should be changed to 4/1/99.

Prior Year Earnings Reporting Changes in PaySR

PaySR will charge prior fiscal year earnings to the prior fiscal year, unless a one time split is reported. In the past, this information was charged to the fiscal year the earnings were paid. Please see the Funding Position One Time Split On-Line Help section for instructions.


If you have questions on the bulletin, please call Gale Samuel at (518) 473-4285.