Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: 1) Test File Requirements and Schedule
2) Labeling and Mailing Instructions
Bulletin No.9
Date: 4/9/98


This Bulletin provides additional information to those agencies who plan to send or receive any of the following files between their payroll or HRMS systems and PaySR: Payroll Data Transaction File, Miscellaneous Payments File, Processed Transaction File, and Master File.

Please refer to PaySR Bulletin #7, dated February 11, 1998 for background information.

1) Test File Requirements and Schedule

Input Files to PaySR

Format/Technical Validation

The PaySR team has evaluated the test file your agency sent in response to Bulletin No. 7. Notification of any discrepancies were conveyed to you via fax on April 1, 1998. All formatting errors must be corrected for the creation of test files for Content Validation which is described below.

Content Validation
Due Date to OSC: April 17, 1998

Payroll Data Transaction File

The record layout for this file has changed. The new record length is 2,000 and the block size is 20,000. Refer to the shaded areas of Attachments A - K for the specific changes.

  • This test file should contain one record for each Record Code. To create this file, please refer to Attachments A - K. Each attachment contains the field requirements for that particular Record Code. You should use the data shown in the last column to populate each of the required fields for each record.

  • Attachments A - K are Record Code-specific. Your test file should include one record for each of the Record Codes listed below:

Attachment A HIR (New Hire)
Attachment B FED (Federal Tax)
Attachment C PER (Personal Data)
Attachment D STA (State Tax)
Attachment E JOB (Job)
Attachment F LOC (Local Tax)
Attachment G JRQ (Job Request)
Attachment H WRK (Workers Comp)
Attachment I ADL (Additional Pay)
Attachment J CON (Contract Data) - for applicable agencies only
Attachment K EMP (Employment)

Attachment A, "Payroll Data Transaction File - Record Code: (HIR) HIRE" contains a fictitious employee and Employee ID. If your system cannot handle this data, please contact us for further instruction.

Attachments A - K contain special processing notes denoted by asterisks (*). Please refer to the last page of each Attachment for instructions on these fields.

Miscellaneous Payments File

The record layout for this file has changed. Refer to the shaded areas of Attachment L for specific changes. The record length of 75 and the block size of 15,000 has not changed.

  • This test file should contain 20 records. To create this file, please refer to Attachment L. The attachment contains the field requirements for each record. The numbered columns identify the data that should be used to populate each record. (e.g., column 1 contains the data for populating record number 1, etc.)

Output Files From PaySR

Once PaySR has processed your test files, the processed transaction file and master file will be sent to you. You will receive additional information on these procedures and files in the near future.

2) File Transfer and Mailing Instructions

Test files may be sent using FTP (TCP/IP) or tape.

Agencies selecting Netview FTP should send a tape for this test.

Test files should be labeled in the following format:

Payroll Data Transaction File paysr.nhrp716.<agency code>.tst

Miscellaneous Payments File paysr.npay502.<agency code>.tst

FTP Test files should be sent to: (IP Address:

Data encryption is not required for .tst files. Encryption/decryption will be required for production data files. PaySR will provide information to agencies soon on the use of TCP/IP FTP accounts.

Tapes should be sent to:

Office of the State Comptroller
Rensselaer Technology Park
365 Jordan Road
Troy, New York 12180
Attn: Mike Cummings, Production Control

If you are sending your file by tape, please follow the instructions below:

a) EBCDIC or ASCII character type form. However, EBCDIC is preferred.

b) 3490E or 3480 cartridges are preferred. However, 3420 reel will be accepted if 3490E or 3480 are not available.

c) IBM Standard Label

d) The external label on the tape must indicate the following:


2) File name

3) Agency name

If you have any questions please contact Tom Luther at (518) 474-0390 or e-mail