Date:March 6, 2007
Bulletin Number: 704

Security Change for Entering PayServ Transactions


To notify agencies of this change in PayServ.

Affected Employees

Employees who enter their own payroll transactions into PayServ.

Effective Date(s)



To ensure the security of payroll information, OSC has activated a security change that prevents employees from entering their own payroll transactions into PayServ.  Attempts to do so will result in the following error message:

You are not allowed to update your own data. (15,13)

You attempted to save a record containing an EmplID field whose value matched the value defined in your operator profile. The system does not allow you to update your own data. Contact another authorized user to update your data, or contact your system administrator to enable this edit to be overridden.

Agency Actions

Payroll officers who have sole responsibility to enter all, including their own, payroll transactions for their agency must use the following procedure if another individual is not available to enter the payroll officer's personal transactions.

The supervisor of the payroll officer must email the Bureau Information Security Unit with the following information:

    • Authorization for the payroll officer to enter the transaction;
    • Explanation of the transaction (eg. address change, tax change, etc.); and
    • Name and telephone number of the payroll officer entering the transaction.

Upon receipt of the email, the Bureau Information Security Unit will disable the security feature and will notify the agency payroll officer to enter the transaction.

After the payroll officer enters the transaction, the Bureau Information Security Unit must be notified that the transaction has been completed.  The original security will then be reinstituted.

OSC recommends that agencies have an individual who is authorized to serve as a backup for entering payroll transactions. The agency security officer must grant PayServ access to the authorized backup.


Questions on this bulletin may be directed to (518) 474-1330.