Date:August 9, 2007
Bulletin Number: 741

Data Change/Correct History (DTA/COR) Procedure


To inform agencies of the purpose of DTA/COR requests and instructions regarding the processing of these requests.

Affected Employees

Employees whose Job Data or Additional Pay history is incorrect.


Restricted access for agencies to various PayServ panels necessitates that OSC’s Bureau of State Payroll Services must make certain corrections to an employee’s PayServ history.  The DTA/COR request is the communication tool used by agencies to notify OSC of corrections which must be made by OSC.  Agencies are required to submit the change request in writing to the Payroll Calculation and Technical Support Team (PCTST).

Effective Date


Agency Actions

Agencies should submit a DTA/COR request for the following JOB actions:

  • Hire, Rehire, Paid Leave of Absence, Leave of Absence, Return from Leave where the effective date is or should have been prior to the last row on JOB.
  • PT/FT Indicator on a Paid Leave of Absence at less than 100% is P and should be F.

Agencies should submit a DTA/COR request for the following actions where the effective date is or should have been prior to the last row on Additional Pay:

  • Start or end an existing Additional Pay earnings.
  • Correct the existing amount of an Additional Pay earnings.

Agencies should submit a DTA/COR for EmplID errors in which the employee has two (or more) records with both an incorrect and a correct EmplID.  The agency must submit a DTA/COR requesting that the multiple records be combined.  The Status Reason comments must include the EmplIDs that are involved as well as an agency contact name and telephone number. 

Note:  The agency should not submit a DTA/COR for an EmplID error where there is only one record.  See instructions below for the appropriate procedure.

Agencies should submit a DTA/COR as soon as possible before the agency cutoff date so requests can be processed timely and any additional transactions can be submitted.

If the situation meets one of the criteria above, submit a Data Change job action request:

  • Enter today’s date.
  • Enter reason code COR.
  • Complete Status Reason box.  The agency must submit comments in the Status Reason box of the DTA/COR request clearly explaining the reason for the request.  Since space is limited in the box, the agency may write “See General Comments” if the explanation is extensive and/or the agency wants the explanation to be saved.  The agency must then immediately enter the explanation for the DTA/COR in General Comments.

Note:  Status Reason comments on a Job Action request are not saved in PayServ once the Job Action request is processed.

The agency is responsible for starting up Additional Pay earnings if changes are made to an employee’s history through a DTA/COR request.  If the agency cannot access the Additional Pay earnings, either another DTA/COR must be submitted or this request must be included in the Status Reason box of the original DTA/COR.

Agencies should not submit a DTA/COR for the following actions:

  • Any Pay Change, New Position or Transfer action that was originally submitted through a Job Action or Transfer request.  These can be corrected with the same Job Action or Transfer request action.
  • EmplID is incorrect.  On the Personal Data panel of the employee’s record, the agency must click on the Identity/Diversity tab and type the correct Social Security number in the National ID box.  Click the SAVE button.
  • Miscellaneous JOB Data information.  If an employee’s history is incorrect for one or more of the reasons listed in the chart below, the agency must submit a Data Change job action request:
    • Enter appropriate effective date.
    • Enter appropriate reason code from chart below.
    • Complete the necessary boxes.
    • Click Request.
    • Click SAVE.

Reason Code



Chg Benefit Flag      


Chg FICA Status


Chg IncCd/or AnnDt or FIS Sal




Change Pay Group


Chg Pct


Correct/Change Status


Chg Standard Hours


Chg Tax Location


Chg Work Schedule


Perf Withheld


Rein Comm


Resc Unsat


UCS List Appt


Unsat Perf


Vol Reduct


WC Works Part Time

  • Agencies must remember to submit the appropriate transactions for all subsequent rows when entering retroactive transactions.
  • After the DTA/COR request is submitted, the agency must continue to review the submitted request for further instructions from OSC/PCTST or to obtain the status of the request.  This information will be indicated in the Status Reason box of the DTA/COR request.  It is the agency’s responsibility to follow up on the OSC comments.  OSC/PCTST will not contact the agency to report the status of their request (see OSC Actions below).
New Procedure: Sequence #88 Agencies may use Sequence #88 on a DTA/COR request if a Time Entry transaction of RGS or RGH needs to be submitted as a result of a Correct History action; ie.  RGS needed after a hire date is corrected.  The agency must indicate in Status Reason comments what transaction is waiting to be submitted.  The PCTST will process Sequence #88 requests as a higher priority than other requests that do not need further actions.
Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is the same as the agency online cutoff deadline.  If the submission is after the online cutoff date, the agency must follow procedures for submitting additional transactions as described in Payroll Bulletin No. 706.

OSC Actions

The Payroll Calculation and Technical Support Team (PCTST) reviews DTA/COR requests.  Appropriate actions will be taken by the PCTST or the request will be forwarded to the appropriate Earnings Team for further review.

  • Requests are reviewed in order of submission by payroll cycle.  Additional time will be allowed for the agency to enter necessary transactions if the DTA/COR has been processed after the agency cutoff date; ie. Hire date correction is requested and a Time Entry transaction is required.  Please see the section regarding “Sequence #88.”
  • All DTA/CORs are denied by OSC and then purged from the system after 30 days.  DTA/CORs are not allowed to roll to JOB Data but the appropriate actions will be taken by OSC to correct the employee’s history.
  • The sequence is always changed to #9 or greater to allow other transactions to be submitted with lower sequencing.
  • The OSC payroll specialist who reviews the DTA/COR will enter a comment and their initials in the Status Reason box.
  • If the OSC comment indicates that the request is “done,” then the necessary actions have been taken by OSC to correct the employee’s history.
  • The OSC comment may indicate that the request is pending if it has been forwarded to another OSC payroll specialist; eg. “to xx (specialist’s initials) for review. xx (specialist’s initials)” or “pending receipt of documentation” or other comments. If OSC has not yet processed the request, the transaction will not be Denied.
  • If the transaction submitted should not have been a DTA/COR, OSC staff will enter this comment on the correction sheet:  “Transaction denied, not processed, should be __________ resubmit as __________.”
  • Since the correction sheet is not mailed until after each payroll cycle closes, the agency must remember to review the status of their requests.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.