Date:August 22, 2007
Bulletin Number: 746

Unclaimed or Undeliverable New York State Payroll Direct Deposit Advice Statements


To announce the new policy regarding disposition of unclaimed or undeliverable direct deposit advice statements.

Affected Employees

Employees with direct deposit.

Effective Date(s)



The Office of the State Comptroller announces the procedure for agencies regarding disposition of direct deposit advice statements that either were undeliverable and returned to the agency and/or unclaimed by the employee.

Agency Actions

Agencies must notify employees currently enrolled in direct deposit that if a direct deposit advice statement is not claimed, the statement will be held by the agency’s appropriate business unit for thirty (30) days. 

If after thirty (30) days the employee has not made arrangements to claim the direct deposit advice statement, the agency will destroy the statement in a safe and secure manner (preferably by shredding or disposing in a locked bin for confidential materials).

The following statement has been added to the AC 2772 (Direct Deposit Form (Revised 8/07):  Direct deposit advice statements are distributed by the enrollee’s agency.  If the statement is unclaimed, it will be held by the agency for thirty (30) days after which time the statement will be destroyed.

Agencies should use this version (Revised 8/07) of the AC 2772.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determinations mailbox.