Date:November 16, 2007
Bulletin Number: 762

Change from Bargaining Unit 61 to Bargaining Unit 31 for Certain Security Titles


To describe the process of changing bargaining units for affected titles.

Affected Employees

Annual and hourly employees in the following titles effective July 26, 2007:

Job Code

  • Sergeant Park Patrol
  • Lieutenant Park Patrol
  • Captain Park Patrol
  • Forest Ranger 3
  • Chief Encon Officer
  • Encon Investigator 3
Effective Date(s)

The bargaining unit change will be processed in Pay Period 17L, paychecks dated 12/12/07.


Per a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Council 82 and the State of New York, certain titles will be moved from the Security Supervisors Unit (Bargaining Unit 61) to the Agency Law Enforcement Services (ALES) Unit (Bargaining Unit 31) effective July 26, 2007. Per the MOA, all compensation benefits shall be resolved for all titles in the ALES Unit for periods on and after April 1, 2005. These employees shall have no claim to compensation benefits from the Security Supervisors Unit after 3/31/05.


Effective 7/26/07, employees who were receiving Location Pay in the amount of $1,236 will receive an increase in Location Pay to $1,273 to match the amount paid to Bargaining Unit 31 employees beginning 4/1/04.

There will be no change in the employee’s salary or any other earnings.

There is no change in the calculation or payment method of Pre-shift Briefing. Agencies must continue to submit payments for Pre-shift Briefing for employees in the titles listed above.

OSC Actions

On 11/21/07, OSC will insert an effective dated row with the date 7/26/07 into the Position Data page for all Active positions with the affected job codes. All subsequent dated rows will be updated with the information.  The new information is as follows:

  • Bargaining Unit:  31
  • Sal Plan:   SES
  • Earnings Program:  N31 for employees whose Pay Basis Code is ANN
  • Earnings Program:  H31 for employees whose Pay Basis Code is HRY

Rows with the effective date of 7/26/07 will be inserted on the Job Data page to make the change for the incumbent employees of these positions.  Any subsequent rows on the Job Data page will be updated to Bargaining Unit 31 and the corresponding attributes.

Agency Actions

In Pay Period 18, agencies must insert a row on the Additional Pay page to increase the amount of Location Pay to $1,273 effective 7/26/07 or any subsequent applicable date.  If there are subsequent effective dated rows that prevent the agency from entering the row on the Additional Pay page, a DTA/COR (Data Change/Correct History) requesting the correction be made must be submitted.

Uniform Allowance Payments Paid in Pay Period 17L

For employees who were paid the Uniform or Clothing allowances in Pay Period 17L, the funds were charged to Bargaining Unit 61.

Agencies do not need to Journal Transfer the funds to the Cost Center for BU 31.  This will be done by OSC.


Dues (Code 223) and Agency Shop Fee (Code 213) will increase for annual employees from $26.29 to $29.00. Hourly employees will remain at the same rate of $14.40.


Questions concerning the Position Data page should be directed to the Position Management mailbox.

Questions concerning the change in bargaining units should be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.