Date:December 3, 2007
Bulletin Number: 770

Department of Labor Veterans’ Program Incentive Awards


To explain procedures for processing Veterans’ Program Incentive Award payments.

Affected Employees

Eligible Department of Labor Veterans’ Program employees.


The Jobs for Veterans Act (P.L. 107-288) established the requirement for “performance incentive awards for quality employment training and placement services” to be administered by the State of New York.  The intent of the program is to encourage the improvement and modernization of employment, training and placement services for veterans, and recognize eligible employees for excellence in the provision of such services, or for having made demonstrable improvements in the provision of services to veterans.

Refer to Veterans’ Program letter (VPL) 08-03 for more information on eligibility and implementation of the awards.

The Veterans’ Program Incentive Awards are not pensionable and will not be included in the calculation of overtime.

Effective Date(s)

Payments may be made in Pay Period 17L, paychecks dated 12/12/07.

OSC Actions
OSC has created a new Time Entry earn code to be used to pay the award payments:
  • VIP (Veterans Incentive Payment)
Agency Actions

The agency must submit a roster of employees receiving the Veterans’ Program Incentive Awards and the amount of the award prior to submitting the payments.

The agency must enter the 2007 Veterans’ Program Incentive Awards for eligible employees through the Time Entry page as follows:

Earnings Begin Date:


Earnings End Date:


Earn Code:



Applicable amount


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.