Date:January 4, 2008
Bulletin Number: 779

2008 Blind Veterans Annuity Increase


To explain OSC’s automatic processing of the 2008 Blind Veterans annuity increase.

Affected Employees

Pensioners and beneficiaries in Agency 01130, Division of Veterans' Affairs - Blind Veterans Annuity.


Pursuant to Executive Law Article 17, Section 362, Subdivision 3, the amount of any annuity payable under this section shall be the same amount as the annuity payable in the preceding year plus a percentage adjustment equal to the annual percentage increase, if any, for compensation and pension benefits administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in the previous year.  The 2008 increase is 2.3 percent per the Director of Veterans' Affairs.

Effective Date(s)
The increase is effective 1/1/08; paychecks dated 1/30/08.
OSC Actions

On January 16, 2008, OSC will update all pensioner and beneficiary annuities to $1,128.71 on the Job Data page effective 1/1/08.

The Action/Reason codes of Pay Rate Chg/SAC (Mass Salary Increase) will be used for all rows.

OSC will also update any subsequent rows as necessary using the Action/Reason codes of Pay Rate Chg/CSL (Correct Salary).


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