Date:April 30, 2008
Bulletin Number: 816

New Query for Identifying Employees in Bargaining Units 61 and 91 Eligible for Pre-Shift Briefing Adjustments


To advise agencies of the change to the procedure for identifying employees who may be due a Pre-Shift Briefing adjustment and to provide agencies with procedures for making those adjustments.

Affected Employees

Supervisory staff represented by Council 82 Security Supervisors Units (BU61 and 91) who have been in positions eligible to receive Pre-Shift Briefing in Fiscal Year 2007-08 and who are employed in the following agencies:

  • Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
  • State University of New York
  • Department of Correctional Services

Chapter 4 and Chapter 375 of the Laws of 2007 implemented the 2003-2005 Arbitration Award/Agreement between New York State and Council 82 Security Supervisors Bargaining Unit (BU61) and Council 82 Security Supervisors Bargaining Unit who were not eligible for binding arbitration (BU91).

The Award/Agreement provides for a minimum annual Pre-Shift Briefing Pay amount of $1,248 annually.  For employees who do not have a full fiscal year in Bargaining Unit 61 or 91, the annual minimum guarantee is prorated at $48.00 per pay period based on the length of service in an eligible position during the fiscal year.

Effective as of the beginning of the 2008-2009 fiscal year, OSC will no longer issue Control-D report NHRP 736 informing agencies of employees who may be eligible for a Pre-Shift Briefing adjustment. Instead, a new query (02000_PRE_SHIFT_SUM_LT_1248) has been developed by OSC for agencies to use to help them identify employees in Bargaining Units 61 and 91 who may be eligible to receive Pre-Shift Briefing adjustments.

Effective Date(s)

Beginning in Pay Period 2.

Agency Actions

Beginning in Pay Period 2 of each fiscal year, agencies must run the query (02000_PRE_SHIFT_SUM_LT_1248) to identify employees who may be entitled to a Pre-Shift Briefing adjustment.

The query results will include employees who held a position in Bargaining Units 61 or 91 during the previous fiscal year and whose total Pre-Shift Briefing (PS2 and PS6) received was less than $1,248.00 or $48.00 per pay period for employees who were not in an eligible position or bargaining unit for the entire fiscal year.

The amount of PS2 and PS6 reported on the query may include any payments earned in a prior fiscal year but that were actually paid within the last fiscal year.  For example, a PS2 adjustment that was earned by an employee in FY 2006-07 but was paid in FY 2007-08 would appear in the query results for FY 2007-08.  This amount must not be included by the agency when calculating the amount the employee was eligible to receive for Fiscal Year 2007-08.

If an employee received payments from more than one agency, the query will identify the total paid in the current and all other agencies.

For each employee who earned less than $1,248.00 for Pre-Shift Briefing during FY 2007-08:

  • Calculate the Pre-Shift Briefing amount the employee was eligible to earn in FY 2007-08 (prorated amount if not in eligible position or bargaining unit the entire fiscal year).
  • Determine the amount the employee was actually paid for Pre-Shift Briefing in FY 2007-08.
    • Using the amount identified in the query, subtract any amount that was paid in FY 2007-08 but was earned in FY 2006-07 and add any amount paid in FY 2008-09 that was actually earned in FY 2007-08.  If necessary, contact the employee’s previous agency to confirm the Pre-Shift Briefing amount received.
  • Determine the amount of Pre-Shift Briefing due by subtracting the total amount paid from the amount the employee was eligible to earn.
The adjustment must be processed through the Time Entry page as follows:

Earn Begin Date: Enter the last day of Pay Period 26L (3/26/08 for Institution or 4/2/08 for Administration) or, if the employee is Inactive or in another bargaining unit on the last day of Pay Period 26L, enter the last day paid in Bargaining Unit 61 or 91.
Earn End Date: Same as the Begin Date
Earnings Code: PS2
Amount: The adjustment amount


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