Date: February 9, 2009
Bulletin Number: 879

New Bargaining Unit and the Establishment of New Payroll Bargaining Unit Codes for Eligible Employees in Certain Lifeguard Titles



To describe the process of changing bargaining units for affected titles and employees.

Affected Employees

Payroll Bargaining Unit Code 68 has been established for Annual and Hourly employees who are currently in Bargaining Unit 21 and one of the following titles effective January 29, 2009:


Job Code

  • Assistant Chief Lifeguard


  • Chief Lifeguard


  • Field Captain of LISPRC Lifeguards


  • Field Lieutenant of LISPRC Lifeguards


  • Lifeguard


  • Lifeguard 02 LISPRC


  • Lifeguard 02


  • Supervising Lifeguard LISPRC



Per an agreement between the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA), the United University Professions (UUP) and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, the above titles will be moved from NYSCOPBA to UUP effective 1/29/09.

A new bargaining unit code (BU68) has been created and new earnings programs have been set up to be used with these titles upon movement to UUP.

Employees in affected titles are entitled to continue all earnings currently received under NYSCOPBA representation until a new agreement is reached with UUP. 


Effective Dates

The bargaining unit change will be processed effective January 29, 2009; paychecks dated February 18, 2009 (Administration) and February 26, 2009 (Institution).


Earnings Information

There will be no change in the employee’s salary or any other earnings.


OSC Actions

OSC has created new codes for the following new data elements:

  • The Payroll Bargaining Unit Code will be Bargaining Unit 68 (Lifeguards).  
  • The Union Code will be LIF.

OSC has created two new Earnings Programs to be used with new Bargaining Unit Code 68:

  • N68 (Lifeguard UUP) for Annual employees
  • H68 (Lifeguard UUP Hrly) for Hourly employees

The new Salary Plan LIF (Lifeguard Sal Plan) will use the existing 3/28/02 salary chart from Salary Plan SCN until a new collective bargaining unit agreement is reached.

After processing for Pay Period 22 is complete, rows will be inserted into the Position Data page for all positions including NYS Positions and the Job Data page as follows:

Position Data

A row will be inserted effective 1/29/09 on the Position Data page for all Active positions with the affected job codes. All subsequent dated rows will be updated with the information.  The new information is as follows:

  • Bargaining Unit:  68
  • Sal Plan:   LIF
  • Earnings Program:  N68 for employees whose Pay Basis Code is ANN
  • Earnings Program: H68 for employees whose Pay Basis Code is HRY
  • Union Code: LIF

Job Data

Incumbents of the positions will have a row inserted in their Job Data records effective 1/29/09. If a row already exists on the employee’s record, a row will be inserted using the next available sequence number with the following information:

  • Bargaining Unit Code: 68
  • Benefit Program: 68U


Position Change

Action Reason:

Z11 (Update of Position Data)

Earning Program ID:

N68 or H68

Bargaining Unit:


Union Code:


Salary Plan:


Rows will be inserted into the affected employees’ Job Data records with the next sequence number for all subsequent rows.



OSC has established two new deduction codes and a new benefit program for affected employees as follows:




Dues Code


UUP Lifeguard Member

A/S Fee


UUP Lifeguard Fee Payer

Benefit Program


Lifeguard UUP

OSC will automatically end date the current Dues (Code 215) and Agency Shop Fee (Code 222) and insert a new effective-dated row for the corresponding deduction codes for affected employees.

The biweekly dues and agency shop fees will be a flat rate of $18.00 for both Hourly and Annual employees.

Note:  Employees’ paychecks stubs or direct deposit advice statements will display both current and new deduction codes.  The current deduction code will display the Year-to-Date balance amount; the new deduction code will display the current deduction amount and Year-to-Date balance beginning with paychecks dated February 18, 2009 (Administration) and February 26, 2009 (Institution).


Agency Actions

The locked queries were reviewed by OSC and no modifications are needed. Agencies may need to add the new Bargaining Unit 68 to current agency queries.


Automated Interface

There will be no impact on the Automated Interface file.


Certification Process

This change will not impact the certification process.



Questions concerning the Position Data page should be directed to the Position Management mailbox.

Questions regarding Deductions should be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.

All other questions should be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.