Date: May 21, 2009 
Bulletin Number: 911

Withholding of the April 2009 Performance Advance, Longevity Payment, Salary Increase and Longevity Increase for Management Confidential Employees and Other Unrepresented Employees


To inform agencies of the processing implemented as a result of the Governor’s request to withhold the April 2009 payments to M/C and other unrepresented employees.

Affected Employees

Employees in the following bargaining units except those noted below:

Management Confidential (M/C)


Division of State Police


Environmental Facilities Corporation


Division of Military & Naval Affairs


Temporary Commission of Investigation


Public Employment Relations Board


Legislative Commissions

BU79 *

SUNY Construction Fund


IOLA (Interest on Lawyer Account) Fund


Industrial Exhibit Authority


* Except employees in the Commission on Judicial Conduct (21080).



As directed in an April 2, 2009 letter from the Director of the Budget, the April 1, 2009 three (3) percent general salary increases and the 2009-2010 performance advances and longevity payments are to be withheld from M/C and other unrepresented employees.

This action is pursuant to a provision of Chapter 10 of the Laws of 2008 that allows these forms of pay increases to be withheld by the Budget Director in certain circumstances.

While excluded from this determination, the Office of the State Comptroller and the Department of Law also withheld these increases from their M/C and other unrepresented employees, with the approval of the Director of the Budget.

Effective Date(s)


The first date in Pay Period 1 that the employee was eligible for an April 2009 payment.

OSC Actions

OSC has created Reason Code IWH (Increases Withheld) to identify employees who did not receive an April 2009 payment due to the Governor’s request.  This code is not available to agencies and only will be used for eligible employees who did not receive a performance advance, longevity payment, salary increase or longevity increase in Pay Period 1 of 2009.

OSC will insert a row in the employee’s Job Data record using the effective date of either the first day of Pay Period 1 or the first day within Pay Period 1 that the employee became eligible for a payment.  The Action/Reason code of DTA/IWH will be used and all other information will be carried forward from the previous row.

Agency Actions

Until further notice, agencies must continue to use the April 2008 salary schedules for all transactions effective in Fiscal Year 2009-2010 for affected employees.

Since not all bargaining units received a salary increase in 2009, it also may be necessary to remove or apply the salary increase when an employee moves into or out of a bargaining unit listed above within Fiscal Year 2009-2010.  More information regarding this procedure can be found in Payroll Bulletin No. 702.


Questions concerning this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determination mailbox.