Date: July 22, 2009
Bulletin Number: 913

Additional Field on the Automated Interface File


To inform agencies who use the Automated Interface (AI) file of the new Date of Birth field.

Changes to the Automated Interface

The Date of Birth field is available as an optional field for population on the AI file for Hire (HIR) and Personal Data (PER) transactions as of 7/24/09.

The format will be YYYYMMDD and will be consistent with the other AI data fields.

Date of Birth is in position 1309-1316 on the AI file.

An error message will generate if an incorrect format is submitted.

The new positions are listed below for the AI file NHRP573 and NHRP574.

NHRP573 Input File Layout Changes

FIELD            TYPE           LENGTH      START      END
Birth Date      Date             8                   1309         1316

NHRP574 Output File Layout Changes

FIELD            TYPE           LENGTH      START      END
Birth Date      Date             8                   1321         1328
Filler              Char             134               1329         1462 


Questions regarding the Automated Interface file may be directed to the Payroll System Questions mailbox.