Date: May 27, 2010

Bulletin Number: 994



On-Line Help  -  User Productivity Kit (UPK)


To provide agency users with an overview of the new on-line help tool.

Effective Date(s)



The User Productivity Kit (UPK) is the on-line help tool that was selected to replace the Web-Based Learning Assistant (WLA).

UPK can be accessed from anywhere within the PayServ application.  It contains topics that provide step-by-step instructions for entering transactions as well as other helpful hints.  Topics can be viewed in either Player mode or HTML format by selecting the hyperlink located in the upper right hand corner.

The Player window is the central area from which the user can view and find available training topics, and then launch a desired topic in any of the three available playback modes – See It!, Try It!, and Know It?

See It! – This mode enables the user to learn by watching an animated demonstration of tasks being performed in a simulated environment.

Try It! – This mode enables the user to learn interactively in a simulated environment.

Know It? – This mode enables the user to test knowledge gained from training.

The HTML format lets the user click a topic link that displays all the steps for the selected topic in text format.  Topic instructions can be printed using the HTML format.

Agency Actions

Agency users should test their ability to access UPK, and familiarize themselves with UPK functionality by reviewing the Introduction module.


Questions regarding UPK functionality or content should be directed to payroll@osc.state.ny.us.

Technical questions should be directed to the OSC BITS Help Desk at (518) 486-6745.