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Travel Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of State Expenditures

Advisory Number: 1
Advisory Name: Requirements for Proxy for Expense Reports
Date Issued: 10/10/2015 Date Last Updated: 10/10/2015
Employees’ responsibilities when using a proxy to create an expense report in SFS

This is a reminder that all employees who use a proxy to enter expense information into the SFS must either:
  • Certify a completed Employee Report of Travel Expenses and Claim for Payment (AC 132-S*), or
  • Review the information that a proxy has entered in an Expense Report in the SFS, adjust expenses as necessary, and then submit the expense report for approval.

*Business Units may use a form other than the AC 132-S to record and certify employee expenses only when the form has been approved by the Comptroller’s office.  For additional details see the Guide to Financial Operations, Chapter XIII Section 4 - Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement.

As needed, employees who use a proxy should also fill out any of the applicable forms that correspond with their expense report.

  • Statement of Incidental and Transportation Expenses (AC 3259-S)
  • Statement of Meals Claimed (AC 3258-S)
  • Statement of Automobile Travel (AC 160-S)
  • Statement of State Corporate Travel Card Charges (AC 3256-S)

For additional information, see the Guide to Financial Operations:

Chapter XIII Section 2 - Employee Expense Reimbursement Policies

Chapter XIII Section 2A - Expense Report Submission

Chapter XIII Section 4 - Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement

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