New Tech Firm Helps Improve Healthcare

In a huge light-filled Manhattan loft, software company Healthify is revolutionizing the way patient healthcare referrals are made.

Healthify, launched in 2012, is funded in part with capital from the New York State In-State Private Equity Investment Program.

The firm’s original founders previously worked in Baltimore’s community healthcare system. They discovered an urgent need for online data that would show available “wraparound” services for patients including: housing, food, education and employment.

“We were amazed that provider lists were kept on paper and were outdated,” said Healthify CEO Manik Bhat. “We know linking patients with the right services is critical to improving health outcomes.”

Healthify’s software measures patient progress and provides hospitals and healthcare professionals with real-time data.

The budding firm’s clients include some big names in the state’s healthcare arena including: Westchester Medical Center, New York University Langone Hospital and New York Presbyterian, Queens.

Healthify’s future looks bright. From four employees at the beginning to 50 now, the company is looking to develop new software that aims to improve payments to social service agencies, including nonprofits.

The company hopes to keep growing with another infusion of capital, said Bhat.

“The Comptroller’s In-State Program has been great for us,” said Bhat. “We hope to continue this partnership and build on our success.”