Real Estate Advisory Committee

The Real Estate Advisory Committee is appointed by the Comptroller, with the consent of the Investment Advisory Committee, pursuant to Section 423 of the Retirement and Social Security Law. The Real Estate Advisory Committee reviews proposed mortgage and real estate investments. In the event the Real Estate Advisory Committee disapproves of a proposed mortgage or real estate investment, the investment will not be presented to the Comptroller and cannot be made by the Common Retirement Fund.

Louis M. Dubin
Managing Partner
Redbrick LMD

G. Gail Edwards
Independent Director

Michael Giliberto
S. Michael Giliberto & Co., Inc.

James M. Gottstine
Chief Operating Officer
Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation

Jo Ann Hanson
Church Investment Group

L. Duane Jackson
Managing Member
Alinea Capital Partners, LLC

Rosey Miller
Regional Investment & Management

David H. Peirez, Esq.
Senior Partner
Reisman Peirez Reisman & Capobianco, LLP

Deborah Ratner Salzberg
RMS Investment Group

Peter Tilles