Working to Make New York a Better Place for People with Disabilities

State Comptroller DiNapoli is supporting people with disabilities by protecting their rights and ensuring that programs designed to assist them are properly run, safe and effective. He is expanding their financial independence by pushing for equality and inclusion in the workplace for those with disabilities and by offering NY ABLE, a savings program developed to help with disability-related expenses.

Advancing Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Man in wheelchair giving a presentation

The Comptroller is working with other major investors to open the doors of corporate America to individuals with disabilities by reminding employers that inclusion is a smart business decision that will improve their bottom line. Comptroller DiNapoli has called on the largest U.S. companies to adopt policies to include people with disabilities in their workforce and participate in the 2020 Disability Equality Index, a joint initiative of Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities that helps companies advance disability inclusion practices. He has also reported on employment trends for people with disabilities. While some progress has been made, more work needs to be done to remove obstacles to employment, decrease rates of poverty and increase earnings for those living with disabilities. 

Monitoring Programs and Services

Young girl with teacher

The Comptroller's office has conducted dozens of audits of state and city agencies to determine if the programs and services they offer are working effectively and providing critical services to those with disabilities. His office examined the operations of the NYS Justice Center and identified improvements for communicating with parents and investigating abuse claims. He is pushing for full compliance with Jonathan’s Law, intended to give parents access to their children’s records from residential care facilities. Auditors have scrutinized programs for children with special education needs, finding a pattern of mismanagement and fraud. Other audits found shortfalls with paratransit services while health and safety violations and improper billing practices were found in supportive housing programs. 

Helping Individuals Maintain Independence

The NY ABLE (New York Achieving a Better Life Experience) program helps people with disabilities save for medical and other expenses so they can maintain their health, independence and quality of life. It is an investment program that provides a secure and practical way to save money without jeopardizing eligibility for important benefits. Comptroller DiNapoli has championed legislation to expand access to the NY ABLE program and maximize the benefit for eligible New Yorkers.

NY ABLE Program