Spotlight on Education

State Comptroller DiNapoli has made oversight of education one of the top priorities for his office. He believes taxpayers and parents have a right to know how public dollars are being spent and whether programs are effectively working for students and staff.


Examining Safety Planning

New York’s schools must be better prepared for emergencies and violent incidents. Auditors reviewed oversight by state and city regulators of the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Act and found major problems. He also looked at school districts’ safety plans and found some had not developed plans, trained employees or shared their plans with local law enforcement. These gaps could risk the safety of students and teachers.

Audit Finds Major Shortcomings in Oversight of School Safety Planning

Audit Reveals Schools Falling Short on Emergency Planning

Auditors Find Safety Hazards at Pre-K Facilities in New York City

Audit Uncovers Gaps in NYC School Safety Planning

Protecting Students from Harassment

There are many programs to reduce bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools. Audits found New York City and upstate schools underreported what is actually happening in hallways and classrooms.

Audit Finds SED Makes Progress on Implementation of Dignity for All Students Act

Audit Finds New York City Schools Underreporting Bullying and Harassment

Audit Shows Some Schools Not Reporting Bullying or Harassment


Tracking Violence in Schools

Students and staff are often confronted with violent and disruptive activity. Audits have uncovered that school districts are not properly reporting these incidents or taking action to address the issues

Audit Uncovers Some New York City Schools Failing to Report Violent, Disruptive Incidents

Audit Highlights Need for Better Compliance with School Violence Reporting Law

Monitoring Special Education Providers

State Comptroller DiNapoli successfully pushed for more oversight of special education providers after his office found a troubling pattern of theft, mismanagement and waste of taxpayer money. His office uncovered questionable financial transactions by private providers that led to multiple individuals being charged with crimes and millions of dollars in restitution.

2018 Annual Report on Preschool Special Education Initiative

Auditing School Districts

Hundreds of audits are completed each year of school districts and their financial operations and oversight of mandated programs.

Audit Search Tool

Measuring Fiscal Stress

To identify school districts in stress, the Comptroller’s office gives each school district a financial stress score annually so the public is warned if a school district is showing signs of fiscal problems.

Fiscal Stress Monitoring System Search Tool

Tracking Spending on Open Book New York

Taxpayers can track a school district’s finances including spending, revenues and debt on Open Book New York.

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