FOIL Policies

The Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”), which is set forth in Article 6 of the Public Officers Law (§§84-90), requires that an agency make all records available for public inspection and copying, except to the extent that records or portions thereof fall within one or more grounds for denial set forth in that statute.

The New York State Personal Privacy Protection Law (“PPPL”), which is set forth in Article 6-A of the Public Officers Law (§§91-99), is intended to protect your privacy by regulating the manner in which state agencies collect, maintain and disseminate personal information about you. The PPPL (i) grants you a right of access to records maintained by state agencies containing personal information about you; (ii) permits you to correct or amend information that is inaccurate or irrelevant; (iii) prohibits state agencies from collecting personal information that is irrelevant or unnecessary for their official purposes; (iv) requires that state agencies requesting personal information from you disclose why the information is being collected, how the information will be used, where the information will be maintained, and the consequences of failing to provide the requested information; and (v) protects you against disclosures of your personal information without your consent, except as specifically authorized in the law.

Records of the Office of the New York State Comptroller may be requested in writing, by fax or email from the agency’s Records Access Officer as follows:

  • By regular mail at:
    Records Access Officer
    Office of the NYS Comptroller
    110 State Street 
    Albany, NY 12236-0001
  • By fax: 518-473-8940
  • Or electronically at: [email protected]

Please include a regular mailing address and telephone number in your request, even where the request is made electronically or by facsimile transmission.

Records are available for inspection and copying on each day that the Office is open, during regular business hours (between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.). You may contact the Records Access Officer at 518-474-4015 to make an appointment to review any records requested. The fee for copying records is $0.25 per page or the actual cost of reproduction.