Town of Plainfield – Road and Equipment Maintenance (2016M-307)

Issued Date
December 23, 2016

Purpose of Audit

The purpose of our audit was to determine whether Town officials properly maintained Town roads and highway equipment for the period January 1, 2015 through July 7, 2016.


The Town of Plainfield is located in Otsego County and has a population of 915. The Town is governed by the Town Board, which is composed of the Town Supervisor and four Board members. Budgeted appropriations for 2016 total $594,605.

Key Finding

  • Officials have taken steps to improve road repairs and maintenance to roads and equipment. However, they need to develop more detailed long-term plans.

Key Recommendation

  • Complete the long-term plans to include more comprehensive details regarding the repairs and maintenance of all Town roads and regarding Town equipment.