July 1999: Amendment to June 1998 Bulletin "Accounting for the Tax Relief (STAR) Program

Issued To: County, City, Town and Village Chief Fiscal Officers; School Districts and BOCES Business Officials

The Office of Real Property Services (ORPS) has recently requested a specific code to identify state aid received to offset the cost of administering the STAR program. Effective for annual reports filed for fiscal years ending after June 30, 1999 account code A3040 State Aid- Real Property Tax Administration should be used for this purpose. (Note that the title of account code A3040 has been changed from "Tax Maps and Assessments" to "Real Property Tax Administration" and should be used to account for all state aid received for real property tax administration, including the STAR administration aid). Account code A3089 State Aid- Other will continue to be used to account for this aid for reports filed for fiscal years ending through June 30, 1999 because reporting procedures are already in place.