July 2002: Revenue Codes for Child Welfare Funding

Issued To: County Chief Fiscal Officers

Purpose of Bulletin

This bulletin explains revenue account code changes related to Child Welfare Funding in the 2002-03 State Budget. The Budget eliminates the Family and Children's Services Block Grant (FCSBG) that was in section153-i of Social Services Law. The Budget has a cap that limits the state share of foster care costs to the amount appropriated. The Budget also provides open-ended state reimbursement after federal funds have been exhausted for Child Preventive Services, Child Protective Services, Independent Living Services, Adoption Services, and Aftercare Services.

Revenue Account Changes:

These changes affect your 2003 budget and your 2002 budget may need to be amended.

A3661 Family and Children's Service Block Grant - This account is eliminated because it pertains to state funding from the FCSBG.

A3609 Family Assistance - State reimbursement of any child welfare services authorized under EAF (TANF) after the EAF federal share has been calculated. This account is also used to record State Aid for Family Assistance and other EAF expenditures.

A3619 Child Care - Use this code for state revenue from the Foster Care Cap and the Independent Living Program.

A3670 Services for Recipients - Open-ended state funding of child protective, child preventive, adoption services, and aftercare services, after federal Title XX Social Services funding is exhausted

A4661 Title IV-B Funds (Formerly named "Family and Children Services Block Grant") - Federal Title IV-B funds received for child welfare services.

Additional Information

For program information, call the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. Contact Mr. Marvin Gold at (212) 383-1733 (or at [email protected]) for Region V and VI social services districts (Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties, and New York City). Contact Mr. Roland Levie at (518) 474-7549 (or [email protected]) for all other counties.