Justice Court Fund: Electronic Filing Common Errors

Report Submission Error Possible Cause Resolution
"Report period in the report submitted can't be a future month." Report is being submitted for a month has not yet not occurred. Ensure the Report Period is a prior month.
"Reports may not be submitted until the report period has elapsed." Report file is being submitted prior to the end of the reporting month. Wait to submit your report until the 1st of the next month. For example, January's report can't be submitted until February 1st.
"Report period selected is outside justice's term of office." Report file is for a period before your term started or after your term ended, or you may be using a Justice ID for a previous appointment. Verify your term dates and Justice ID. Verify that you have selected a correct report month. If the error remains after you have verified your information, contact our office.
"Total report adjustments must not exceed -$250" Total adjustment(s) exceeded $250.00. Please consult the Adjustment and Refund section of the JCF Handbook or contact our office for assistance.
"Please enter a valid report amount." Report total is a negative amount. An adjustment may have been entered for more than the total dollar amount of the report. Verify the detail lines on the report. If an adjustment is causing the negative report total, remove it and wait for a future report month to report the adjustment. Or, you may instead submit a refund request to our office.
"The check must be sent to the CFO at the time of the report filing." The date the check was sent to the CFO is after the date the report is being filed. Verify the date the check was sent to the CFO is before or on the report filing date.
"Total amount in file must equal the report amount certified." The total amount certified does not equal the detail lines. Verify the dollar amount of the cases reported to the dollar amount that is being certified.
"You must certify that the report submitted is a true and complete record of your court activity for the period." The certification box has not been checked. Check the certification box before submitting the report.
"AC-1030 report file is not named correctly." The information in the file name is either incorrect or in the wrong order. Ensure all information is correct for the reporting period and in the correct format: ACYYMMCC.JJJ (AC: Audit and Control, YY: report year, MM: report month, CC: county code of court, JJJ: unique 3 digit justice number).