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Local Sales Tax Collections Increase by Over 7 Percent in the First Quarter of 2023

New York City’s ongoing recovery from the pandemic, as well as high inflation, continues to bolster statewide numbers. View Monthly and Quarterly Local Sales Tax Collections by Region.

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New Official Quick Start Guide

The Comptroller's Division of Local Government and School Accountability provides essential support to these officials to keep operations and services running smoothly for New Yorkers. If you’re a new local government official, complete the five tasks in this guide to get started in your new role.

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Survey Says: $737m to Adapt to New Climate Realities

A sample of 95 local governments across New York State reported $1.34 billion in actual and anticipated spending on capital projects over a 10-year period, with about $737 million (55% of the total) in response to climate-related hazards such as increased flooding and storm damage. A review of New York City’s capital commitments for fiscal year 2023 showed that it included $829 million for adaptation and resilience projects, and another $1.3 billion for projects with adaptation and resilience components, with planned commitments averaging more than $1.8 billion per year.

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Performance of Industrial Development Agencies in New York State - 2023 Annual Report

This report summarizes data for fiscal year 2021, the most recent data reported by IDAs through the Public Authorities Reporting Information System.  The report also contains a brief discussion of local development corporations, a related type of local authority. For IDA-level summary data, see our Interactive Map. For more detailed IDA and project-level data, see IDA 2021 | LDC 2021.