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Capital Planning and Budgeting

Capital Planning and Budgeting: A Tutorial for Local Government Officials

Module 3 - From Plans to Projects

Sample Capital Project - Journal Entries

Capital Projects Fund
General Journal
(page 4 of 5)
Capital Project # 1
Date Description Sub Acct# Amount Account # Debit Credit
BAN Payable     H626 10,075  
  Revenues     H980   10,075
  BANs Redeemed from Appropriations H5731 10,075      
To record payment of BAN principal from water fund
  Collateral Entries in Water Fund and Non-Current Governmental Liabilities
7/15/X2 Expenditures     FX522 22,075  
  BAN Principal FX9730.6 10,075      
  BAN Interest FX9730.7 12,000      
  Cash     FX200   22,075
To record payment of debt principal & interest on BAN in capital projects fund **
7/15/X2 Expenditures     FX522 72,000  
  Debt Principal FX9710.6 59,000      
  Debt Interest FX9710.7 13,000      
  Cash     FX200   72,000
To record the Serial Bond debt payment **
7/15/X2 Bonds Payable     W628 59,000  
Total Non-Current Governmental Liabilities
    W125   59,000
To record the Serial Bond debt payment from the water fund
Cash     H200 22,200  
  Cash with Fiscal Agents     H223   22,200
To record receipts of wire transfer from EFC for expenditures (Final Draw) **
Retained Percentages     H605 169,800  
  Cash     H200   169,800
To record the payment to contractors for retained amounts (10%) withheld during project **
Expenditures     H522 67,000  
  Transfer to Other Fund H9901.9 67,000      
  Cash     H200   67,000
To transfer residual money from project to Debt Service Fund **
  Collateral Entry in the Debt Service Fund
7/30/X2 Cash     V200 67,000  
  Revenues     V980   67,000
  Interfund Transfer V5031 67,000      
To record residual money from project in Debt Service Fund **
7/30/X2 Appropriations     H960 67,000  
  Project Expenditures H8397.2 67,000      
  Appropriations     H960   67,000
  Transfer to Other Fund H9901.9 67,000      
To record budget transfer from Project Expenditures to Transfer to Other Funds
BANs Payable     H626 289,925  
  Revenues     H980   289,925
  Serial Bonds H5710 289,925      
To record sale of Serial Bonds to pay off BANs outstanding in the project
  Collateral Entry in Non-Current Governmental Liabilities Group
8/15/X2 Total Non-Current Governmental Liabilities     W125 289,925  
  Bonds Payable     W628   289,925

To record the issuance of a serial bond to pay off BANs in capital projects fund
** Indicates a transaction that could be posted in a Special Journal, such as the Cash Receipts or Cash Disbursements Journals, instead of the General Journal


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