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The Department of Civil Service may condition appointment or promotion to certain positions upon the satisfactory completion of a traineeship in an appropriate lower training title and, when required, the satisfactory completion of specified training courses. The period of such term of training shall be prescribed by the Department of Civil Service. Upon satisfactory completion of the traineeship, and any academic courses that may be required, appointees are entitled to full permanent status in the position for which the appointment was made.


A. Reinstatement within one year of separation

An employee who has been permanently separated from employment for a period of less than one year is entitled to a reinstatement salary based on their past service.

Civil Service Section 80.2


The Civil Service Law provides for a Classification and Compensation Division in the Department of Civil Service, and a Director of Classification and Compensation. The Director is responsible for ascertaining and recording the duties and responsibilities of positions in the classified service of the State, classifying such positions, and allocating salary grades for competitive, non-competitive and-in his/her discretion-labor class positions.


Reallocations are the change in grade either upward or downward of an entire job title. This process is authorized by the NYS Department of Civil Service, with the approval of the Director of the Division of the Budget.

Civil Service Law Section 132.3

Promotion – Graded Positions

Promotions are the movement from a lower grade to a higher graded position. The promotion salary is calculated by increasing the lower graded salary by applying a percentage determined by the range of grades the employee is moving or assigning the minimum hiring rate of the new grade, whichever is greater.

Lateral Transfers

A. Between positions assigned to the same negotiating unit:

There is no change in annual salary. Civil Service Section 131.4

B. Between positions assigned to different negotiating units:

  1. If different raise(s) are in effect during the fiscal year:

    There is no change in basic annual salary; however, a recalculation must be done to reflect the raise (s) of the unit to which transferring.

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XIII. Employee Expense Reimbursement

XIII. Employee Expense Reimbursement

XIII.8 Overview

Section Overview

In addition to travel reimbursements, employees can be reimbursed for other expenses according to collective bargaining agreements, the Division of the Budget Guidance, and other sources. The following contains examples of some of the expenses for which employees may be reimbursed.

Professional Dues and Publication