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NYS Comptroller


New York State Common Retirement Fund

The New York State Common Retirement Fund (Fund) is the third largest public pension plan in the nation with a value of $210.5 billion in assets (as of March 31, 2019) held in trust for the retirement security of the more than one million members of the New York State and Local Retirement Systems (NYSLRS). As a long-term investor, the Fund has an investment approach which capitalizes on market opportunities and weathers market ups and downs. The Fund is widely regarded as one of the nation's best-managed and best-funded pension plans.

Learn more about the Fund's Mission, Values and Investment Philosophy.

$210.5 Billion

value as of
March 31, 2019
based on


one-year return

$11.45 Billion

in benefits
paid out
in the last fiscal year

75% of

paid benefits comes from investment

Members, Retirees and Beneficiaries: See New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) for services and information related to your tier and membership.

Investment Professionals: See the NYS Common Retirement Fund Contacts for more information.

Investing in New York State

Targets investments in New York-based business ventures and companies that spur economic growth and create jobs in NY.

Corporate Governance

Shapes corporate policies and practices in ways that safeguard the Fund's investments and promote corporate responsibility.

Disclosures of Investments & Transactions

Discloses monthly investments and transactions and the hiring of fund managers.

Comptroller's Responsibilities

Discusses the Comptroller's role related to performance, oversight and management.

Financial Reporting

Details the Fund's assets and transactions.

Emerging Manager Program

Offers opportunities to newer, smaller and diverse investment management firms to help grow the Fund.

Employment Opportunities

Provides information about current job opportunities.

Broker Search

Seeks brokers to do business with on behalf of the Fund.