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NYS Comptroller


Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee is appointed by the Comptroller pursuant to Section 423 of the New York State Retirement and Social Security Law. The Investment Advisory Committee advises the Comptroller on general investment issues. The Investment Advisory Committee reviews the investment policy statement and any amendments to it, and reviews and provides a recommendation to the Comptroller on the proposed asset allocation plan developed by the Chief Investment Officer after the completion of an asset liability study. The Investment Advisory Committee also periodically reviews the strategic plan of each Common Retirement Fund asset class, and monitors the Common Retirement Fund’s risk profile, investment activity and performance on a periodic basis.

Philippe Brugere-Trelat

William G. Clark
Chief Investment Officer
Federal Reserve Employee Benefits System

Timothy C. Collins
CEO & Senior Managing Director
Ripplewood Holdings, LLC

Hugh Johnson
Chairman & Chief Investment Officer
Hugh Johnson Advisors, LLC

Aren LeeKong
Executive Chairman
Organix Recycling, LLC

Catherine A. Lynch, CFA, Head
Former Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer
National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust

Valerie Mosley
Chair & CEO
Valmo Ventures

Diane C. Nordin, CFA

Catherine James Paglia
Enterprise Asset Management