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NYS Comptroller


Electronic Documents Submission System (EDSS) – Release Notes

Release 1.2.0 (December 19, 2017)

New Features

  • EDSS now accepts Contract Reporter Exemption Requests (CRERs) for review and approval
  • Limited Funding Requests are now a separate function on the home page under Procurement Record

Improvements to existing features

  • Negative amounts can be entered for Procurement Record amendments
  • Re-labeled amount field for new Procurement Records. Procurement Amount Grand Total is now Procurement Total (sum of all contracts awarded including renewals)
  • Re-labeled amount field for Procurement Record amendments. Previous Approved Amount is now Previously OSC Approved Procurement Amount (including renewals)
  • Created a new field for Procurement Record amendments - New Procurement Amount Grand Total (including all potential renewals). This a system generated calculation based on the information entered for the Previously OSC Approved Procurement Amount (including renewals) and Current Amendment Amount Only
  • The .00 has been removed from the amount fields for both new and amendment Procurement Records. You can now enter the exact dollar amount (ex: 150,419.36)
  • Re-labeled the fields on the Review page of both new and amendment Procurement Records so the names are consistent throughout the system