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State Comptroller DiNapoli Releases Municipal Audits

February 26, 2021

New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today announced the following local government audits have been issued.

Danby Fire District – Claims Audit (Tomkins County)

The board did not adequately audit claims. They authorized some unallowable claims to be paid prior to the audit. The district made 14 disbursements totaling more than $9,200 that should not have been paid prior to board approval. The district did not follow its credit card usage policy requiring documentation for four credit card purchases totaling almost $1,000.

Delhi Joint Fire District – Cash Receipts and Disbursements (Delaware County)

The board ensured that $746,000 in cash receipts were properly deposited, recorded and disbursed. However, the board did not adequately audit claims and a cash receipts log was not maintained. The treasurer’s records were not reconciled to ensure that all receipts were deposited. In addition, $4,700 in fees were waived without evidence of board approval.

Sea Breeze Fire District – Board Oversight (Monroe County)

The board did not provide adequate oversight of the district’s financial operations, nor comply with mandatory training requirements. The board also did not actively manage district assets and ensure the treasurer maintained basic accounting records including adequate bank and debt obligation records. The board failed to comply with legal mandates to perform an annual audit, file financial reports or audit and approve claims. As a result, the board could not effectively monitor the district’s operations and financial condition.

Town of Worth – Audit Follow-Up Letter (Jefferson County)

Auditors conducted a follow-up review of the town’s progress in implementing recommendations from a prior audit on the town’s financial operations. Auditors found little progress had been made. Of the nine audit recommendations, two recommendations were partially implemented and seven recommendations were not implemented.

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