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State Comptroller DiNapoli Releases Municipal Audits

June 6, 2023

New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today announced the following local government audits were issued.

Fort Hunter Fire District – Capital Reserve Funds (Montgomery County)

The board did not properly manage the district’s three capital reserve funds. As a result, the board reduced its transparency of financial operations, and the public did not have an opportunity to exercise its rights to approve reserves by a vote. The board also did not properly establish the equipment capital reserve fund, develop a multiyear capital plan or clearly identify the source of funding for the capital reserves as a part of the budgeting process.

Hamlin Morton Walker Fire District – Pumper Truck Procurement (Monroe County)

The board did not procure a $748,676 pumper truck in accordance with statutory requirements and good business practices. As a result, officials have less assurance that the purchase was made in the most prudent and economical manner. District officials could not show they sought competition or properly used a valid exception to the competitive bidding requirements.

Upper Jay Fire District – Board Oversight (Essex County)

The board did not provide adequate oversight of district financial activities, which hindered its ability to monitor financial operations and increased the risk that improper claims could be paid. In addition, the board, as a whole, did not audit and approve claims for 57 check disbursements totaling $37,561 before payment and did not audit the treasurer’s 2021 records. While the treasurer is required to sign all checks, she signed only six of the 247 checks issued by the district during the audit period, and the remaining checks were signed by the chairman of the board or the commissioner. Also, the treasurer did not provide the board with monthly budget status reports.

Upper Jay Volunteer Fire Department – Financial Activities (Essex County)

Department officials did not ensure financial activities were properly recorded and reported and funds were safeguarded, which hindered their ability to make informed financial decisions and increased the risk that errors or irregularities could occur. The treasurer did not properly record all financial transactions or prepare the required annual reports. Bank reconciliations were not prepared monthly, 43 deposits totaling $33,918 were not supported by adequate documentation, and 63 disbursements totaling $23,585 were not approved before payment.