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Employer Reporting Basics

Maximum Days To Report

There is a maximum number of days worked you should report for an employee based on your pay frequency. For example, if your pay frequency is bi-weekly, a full-time employee would have ten days worked each pay period. When there are two bi-weekly payrolls paid in the month, report a maximum of 20 days worked; when there are three bi-weekly payrolls, report a maximum of 30 days. Employees paid weekly, semi-monthly or monthly may have different maximum days worked.

When you report the maximum number of days worked for an employee, that employee receives full-time service credit.

Report Frequency Report Code ERS/PFRS Pay Frequency Report No More Than
Monthly 10/20 Weekly(4 pay periods) 20 days per month
Weekly(5 pay periods) 25 days per month
Bi-weekly (2 pay periods) 20 days per month
Bi-weekly (3 pay periods) 30 days per month
Semi-monthly or monthly 22 days for all months with 31 calendar days,21 days for all others
Quarterly 13/23 - 65 days
Semi-annually 14/24 - 130 days
Annually 15/25 - 260 days

Rev. 5/13