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Reporting and Enrolling Members with Retirement Online

In May 2019, employers will begin using Retirement Online for reporting and enrolling members, which will streamline the work we do together. Here are some of the new features coming in May:

  • New member enrollment information and contribution rates will be available in real time.
  • Electronic notifications will result in more timely starts and stops of deductions.
  • Service credit requests will be processed more quickly and benefit estimates will be more accurate.

What’s Coming Later Next Year? Enhanced Reporting

One of the greatest advantages of Retirement Online for employers is the enhanced report — a new file format for monthly reporting and enrollment. This new method will be more efficient for you and will improve the service you provide to your employees. One feature of enhanced reporting is that mandatory members will be enrolled more easily, which will reduce member contribution deficiencies and interest owed. The transition to enhanced reporting will begin in June 2019 for some employers. We will work with you on your organization’s transition plan to enhanced reporting.

For more information about the benefits of enhanced reporting, check out our fact sheet.

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