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Salary Listing and Prior Years’ Adjustments

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You can view your New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) salary listing and prior years’ adjustments online through the Salary Listing (SL) and Prior Years’ Adjustments (PYA) application.

Note: Employer billing functions and information (such as the Salary Listing and Prior Years’ Adjustments application) will remain in your online programs (your /RIR username) for the remainder of this State fiscal year (2019 – 2020).

Beginning in 2020, after a full year of employee earnings and other information has been reported in Retirement Online, your employer billing functions and information will move to Retirement Online.

Salary Listing

The salary listing is a record of your employees who were members of NYSLRS during the last fiscal year (April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019). This listing reflects the salary and days worked that you reported, and any adjustments received and processed through April 19, 2019. Any adjustments to fiscal year end (FYE) 2019, or previous fiscal years, that are processed after April 19, 2019, will be reflected on your FYE 2020 prior years’ adjustments report.

Prior Years’ Adjustments

Prior years’ adjustments are triggered by salaries entered into an employee’s account which were not previously reported through the regular monthly reporting process. They may have been added if you submitted an Adjustment Report (RS2050) Adobe pdf. Our service credit or retirement benefit calculation staff may also adjust earnings if they find mandatory service that wasn’t credited. This action initiates a cost to you, the employer, for your share of contributions for these salaries, plus interest.

The prior years’ adjustments report reflects the adjustments submitted and posted to a member’s salary and service data through April 19, 2019. Contributions and interest will be calculated based on these adjustments, however, no money is due at this time. Any amount due will be noted on your 2020 estimate, and due when you pay your 2020 annual invoice. Your annual invoice will become available to you in November and must be paid either by December 15 or February 1.

Please review these adjustments to confirm they agree with your records.

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Viewing Your Online Programs

To view your salary listing or prior years’ adjustments report, please log on to your online programs using your /RIR username (in 2020, you will view this information using Retirement Online). Note: This is a secure site. You must have a username and password to enter. If you do not have a /RIR username and password, email the Employer Billing Unit or call the unit at 518-473-0681 or 518-474-3140.

Both the salary listing and the prior years’ adjustments reports give you the ability to download your data to an Excel spreadsheet file. If you don’t have Excel, please email the Employer Billing Unit or call the unit at 518-474-3140 for assistance with printing.

You will need internet access and a computer running either Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. We test our applications in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 9 and 10. If you use an earlier version, you may not be able to access this application or the application may not function properly.

If you are having trouble with IE, or your information doesn’t seem to be displaying properly, try using Google Chrome. Learn more about Google Chrome or download it for your computer.

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If Your Records Don’t Match

Salary Listing

If you think there is an error in any of your member’s records, please mail a Member Salary & Service Detail Request (RS2413) Adobe pdf listing the name, registration number and the last 4 digits of the Social Security number of the members involved, to our Member & Employer Services Bureau at the address on the form, or email the information to the Employer Billing Unit. We will then send an individual breakdown for each of these members based on what we have on file, including the monthly amount of salary paid and days worked, as well as adjustments through the date of preparation.

If there is an error in our records, you will need to submit an adjustment using Retirement Online, or you can mail an Adjustment Report (RS2050) Adobe pdf and an Adjustment Report Label (RS2050-A) Adobe pdf.

Prior Years’ Adjustments

If you disagree with an adjustment appearing on the report, email the Employer Billing Unit. They will review any adjustments you feel are incorrectly listed on your report.

A prior years’ adjustment might be incorrectly listed on your report for some of these reasons:

  • Some adjustments are keyed into the computer system manually and there may have been an error in the employer location code that was entered.
  • The salaries entered were previously reported under a different registration number for the member.
  • The salaries entered were previously reported on a monthly report by you (it is your responsibility to supply proof of this).

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Decremented Salaries

Decremented salaries are salaries that are reported for members who withdraw, transfer, retire or die during the fiscal year billing period.

Chapter 94, Laws of 2015 allows for billing based on actual salaries rather than estimated salaries. Decremented salaries are pensionable earnings and are included in your estimate, projection and annual pension contribution calculation. Your last projection, provided in August 2018, was based on salaries your employees actually earned for State fiscal year April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018. The inclusion of pensionable decremented salaries is taken into account when plan rates are calculated.

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Contact Us

For more information, please email the Employer Billing Unit or call the unit at 518-473-0681 or 518-474-3140.

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