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Beneficiary Changes

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This spring, we are conducting a series of computer system upgrades. You will not be able to update your beneficiaries using Retirement Online from now until the upgrade is complete in mid-May. However, you can still complete the Designation of Beneficiary form (RS5127) and mail it to NYSLRS. If you mail it “Certified Mail — Return Receipt Requested,” we will consider it as having been filed on the same date it was mailed.

Life circumstances sometimes change, and the beneficiary you designated when you joined may not be the one you would designate today. It is important to periodically review your beneficiary designation. Your membership beneficiaries are listed in your Member Annual Statement and on your Retirement Online account.

How do I change my beneficiary?

Whether you change your beneficiaries online or by mail, be sure to include all of your beneficiaries. Your new beneficiary designations will replace all of your previously named beneficiaries. The change(s) will not take effect until we review and approve your designations.

For more information about designating a beneficiary, see our publication, Life Changes — Why Should I Designate a Beneficiary? (VO1706).

(Rev. 1/17)