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Retirement Online

We are conducting a computer system upgrade. You will not be able to sign in to your Retirement Online account until the upgrade is complete in mid-May. Here are several ways to get prepared to use Retirement Online in May.

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Welcome to Retirement Online

About Retirement OnlineRetirement Online is our new system that will make working with NYSLRS easier and more convenient. The new tools we’re introducing will streamline your work with the Retirement System — and everything you need will be a click away. NYSLRS members will benefit, and so will you.




Coming May 2019

Starting next Spring, Retirement Online will help you:

  • Easily enroll new members
  • Report information about your employees
  • Simply report employees’ days worked, earnings, and job information
  • Process and change deductions more timely and accurately
  • Receive timely notifications of deficiencies, overpayments and improper withholdings
  • View new hire information and contribution rates
  • View historical reporting data
  • Review employer reporting financial transactions

These improvements will be available to all employers. We encourage you to take our training and get certified sooner so you can take advantage of these new features. NYSLRS will provide support for you every step of the way. Once certified, there will be many opportunities to practice and refresh your skills before the upgrades are live.

Here’s how to get ready to use the coming Retirement Online upgrades:

What can I do in Retirement Online now?

Today in Retirement Online, you can:

  • Update your organization’s information
  • Manage and assign security access for your employer contacts
  • Request events
  • Submit the Statement of Accrued Payments and Leave Credits (RS6221) form for retiring employees

Retirement Online works best with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

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Timeline for Retirement Online

New features will be added to Retirement Online over the next few years.


Members (Available Summer 2019)

  • Purchase service credit
  • Manage payments
  • Generate benefit estimates
  • Apply for retirement
  • View status of open cases

2020 – 2021


  • Request and receive employer plan upgrade estimates online (Available Spring 2020)
  • Review pre-billed salary information (Available Spring 2020)
  • Complete transition to enhanced reporting

Members and Retirees

  • Access 1099-Rs
  • Manage withholding information
  • Set up and maintain direct deposits