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Getting Certified for Local & Municipal Employers

Get Bronze, Silver and Gold CertifiedWe want to make sure your organization has the training and support it needs to use Retirement Online for reporting and member enrollment. Completing the certification process will ensure your organization is prepared to take advantage of the improvements offered in Retirement Online. NYSLRS will provide support for you every step of the way.

Employers must complete three certification levels to use Retirement Online: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Certification Requirements

Certification Levels Requirements to Complete What You Can Do
  • Establish your Security and Contact Administrators
  • Security Administrator requests access for employer contacts and assigns security roles (Personnel, Payroll, Employer Reporting Uploader and Employer Reporting Submitter)
  • The above employer contacts successfully sign in to Retirement Online
  • Update contact information regularly
  • Receive usernames and passwords for Retirement Online
  • Complete training on how to submit the legacy report
  • Create and submit a test legacy report during a reporting training session
  • Complete training on enrolling new members in Retirement Online
  • Complete training on notifications and corresponding Retirement Online actions (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Practice preparing and submitting your current report
  • Learn how to correct errors
  • Learn how to enroll members
  • Complete training on how to prepare and upload the enhanced reporting file
  • Create and submit the enhanced report during a reporting training session
  • Begin taking advantage of the convenience of using Retirement Online for reporting, member enrollment, and conducting Retirement System business

Download our printable certification checklist Adobe pdf.

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Interactive training is a crucial part of Silver and Gold Certification. The following kinds of training are available to you:

  • Virtual instructor-led training — webinars where instructors take you through the training step by step
  • Self-paced training — online courses you can take on your own

You’ll also receive access to a dedicated training environment. In the training environment, you will have hands-on practice doing the reporting and enrollment tasks you’ll perform in Retirement Online. Based on the security roles you assign, our training team will reach out to your employer contacts to schedule your hands-on session.

Self-Paced Training

Do you need to complete a course for certification? Want to refresh your skills? Please see our list of courses below:

Self-paced training for Silver Certification:

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