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Resources for State Agencies

Resources for State employersRetirement Online changes the way employers do business with NYSLRS. We are committed to providing you with the information you need so your transition to Retirement Online is easy and convenient.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What will Retirement Online provide employers?

A: Retirement Online will change the way agencies conduct business with the Retirement System through:

  • Automated and self-service online member enrollment
  • Access to reported data and contribution rates
  • Timely notice of loans and service credit payments starts, stops, and changes
  • Assign employer contacts security access to complete tasks
  • Real-time notifications, ability to upload certain forms, and access to documents

Q: How will mandatory members be enrolled into NYSLRS?

A: This information will be provided by OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services through the employer reporting process. NYSLRS evaluates if a member is mandatory and will automatically enroll the member upon receipt of this data from PayServ.

Q: How will optional members be enrolled into NYSLRS?

A: State agencies can enroll optional members through Retirement Online using the Enroll a Member page. Agencies will still be able to mail or fax in registration forms for optional members.

Q: How will NYSLRS know that an employee should be enrolled at NYSLRS if they are Voluntary Defined Contribution (VDC) eligible, but opting out?

A: If an employee is VDC eligible but does not join VDC within 30 days of being hired, NYSLRS will reach out to the agency to verify that they can enroll the employee in NYSLRS.

Q: We have an employee who is temporary (because they have not yet been classified by Civil Service) and their position has not been reviewed by the Civil Service Commission. For a VDC-eligible employee that is temporary, will they be mandated after 30 days?

A: If an employee is not a 12-month, full-time employee, they will not be mandated to membership; they need to be full-time to be mandated. Additionally, NYSLRS will reach out to the agency before automatically enrolling anyone under the VDC category. No VDC-eligible employee will be automatically enrolled without a review from NYSLRS.

Q: When will PayServ set the VDC indicator for an employee to Yes?

A: The VDC indicator will be set to Yes for brand new M/C employees making $75,000 or more, and who are not already enrolled in NYSLRS.

Q: If I enroll one of my employees as an optional member in Retirement Online, how will I know their membership information?

A: At the end of the self-service Enroll a Member process in Retirement Online, a confirmation message will appear that provides registration information, including the employee’s NYSLRS ID, registration number, Empl Record (a NYSLRS-issued number that identifies the job that the member holds), tier and contribution rate.

Q: As a State agency, what actions do I need to take with regards to employer reporting?

A: Once employer reporting with Retirement Online begin in May 2019, there is not much that State agencies will need to change with regards to employer reporting since the OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services reports your employees directly to NYSLRS. The main action required of State agencies is to mark the retiree indicator directly in PayServ for any employees that are retired from a New York State Retirement System. NYSLRS and PayServ will automatically handle the establishment of contributions, loan, or service credit payments as appropriate.

Q: Will a record automatically be set up for an extra service employee who needs a separate record?

A: Yes, this will be included in the OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services post-processing employer reporting file. Their wages will be reported to NYSLRS. OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services will know that they already registered and will update the Retirement Plan panel for NYSLRS processing.

Q: We have many employees that transfer from ERS to PFRS. What will happen with regards to employer reporting?

A: Information about these job changes will be included in the file that the OSC Bureau of State Payroll Services sends to NYSLRS, and NYSLRS will complete the necessary processing. For example, when an employee moves from a job that is eligible for ERS membership to one that is eligible for PFRS membership, the ERS job will be marked as ended in NYSLRS records and a new PFRS job will be established in NYSLRS records. If the new PFRS job is a full-time, 12-month, regular position, the employee will automatically be enrolled in PFRS and be notified of this change.

Q: How will I receive communications from NYSLRS once Retirement Online is launched in May 2019?

A: Retirement Online will have a new online communication feature where notifications will be sent out to one or more of the designated employer security roles assigned to contacts at your organization. These contacts will receive emails from Retirement Online notifying them that they should sign in to view their notifications. These notifications will be available on your Account Homepage and will provide you with information or request follow-up action.

You can learn more about the available employer security roles and the specific types of notifications they’ll receive in our State Employer Security Roles document.

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Retirement Online for Members – Marketing Toolkit

Retirement Online provides a convenient way for members to do business with the Retirement System. We think your employees will be interested in using this service, and you can help us spread the word by using the materials in our marketing toolkit. You’ll find newsletter articles and email messages about Retirement Online, a poster and much more. This toolkit will be updated as new member features are introduced to Retirement Online.