COVID-19 Help Center

This page will help you to find information about COVID-19 as it relates to your NYSLRS benefits.

Death Benefit Information for Members and Retirees
COVID-19 Accidental Death Benefit

A better death benefit is available to eligible beneficiaries of members and recent retirees who die of COVID-19 in the line of duty.

Certain beneficiaries may be eligible to receive a monthly pension benefit instead of a one-time payment.

For additional information, please read our Enhanced Death Benefit for Survivors of COVID-19 Victims blog post.

NYSLRS Durable Power of Attorney Form

NYSLRS provides a Special Durable Power of Attorney form that is specific to retirement transactions and meets all New York State legal requirements. It allows your agent to act immediately in case of emergency, hospitalization or unexpected illness.

Our Power of Attorney page provides additional information you may find helpful.

Make Sure Your Beneficiaries are Up to Date

When you die, the law requires NYSLRS to pay your death benefit to the last beneficiaries you designated. That is why it is so important to check your NYSLRS beneficiary designations periodically.

The fastest way to view or update your beneficiaries is with Retirement Online.

Filing for Retirement Benefits During COVID-19
Retirement Benefits

If you are eligible and planning to retire, you don’t need to delay filing.

You can use Retirement Online to file for a service retirement benefit. See how easy and fast it is to file using Retirement Online.

Disability Retirement Benefits

If you become seriously ill from COVID-19, you may want to file for retirement in order to provide a continuing pension benefit to your beneficiary if you were to die.

Visit our Disability Benefits page for help finding the right application and to learn more about the process.

Information for Retirees
Sign Up for Direct Deposit

You don’t need to wait to receive your pension check in the mail or worry about getting to a bank to deposit your check. Sign up for our Direct Deposit Program and get your money quickly and safely.

UPDATE – Retiree Earnings Limit Suspended

The post-retirement earnings limit of $35,000 a year for retirees in a public sector job who are under age 65 has been suspended again by executive order. Under the Governor's order, pay earned from January 1, 2023 through June 8, 2023 will not count toward the $35,000 limit. If you work for a school district or BOCES, recent legislation has suspended your earnings limit through June 30, 2024. For more information, please read our Retiree Earnings Limit blog post.

Doing Business with NYSLRS
Use Retirement Online for NYSLRS Business

In most cases, you can use Retirement Online instead of mailing in forms or calling. Take a look at some of Retirement Online’s features.

Retirement Online Hours
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