Divorce and Your Benefits

Estimated (Advance) Payments

The processing of a retirement can take several months to complete. In the interim, advance or partial payments based on estimated benefits are paid to the Participant. If the Participant has already selected his or her retirement option, the advance payment will be 90 percent of the estimated monthly benefit for that option. If the Participant has not yet selected an option, the advance payment will be 80 percent of the Single Life Allowance. An ex-spouse does not receive advance payments. Payments to the ex-spouse will only begin when the calculation of the retirement benefit is completed.

If a Domestic Relations Order (DRO) is filed before the retirement benefit is finalized, the ex-spouse will be paid retroactively to the Participant’s effective date of retirement. However, if a DRO is not received prior to the final calculation of the retirement benefit, payments to the ex-spouse will not be retroactive unless the DRO states this intention specifically and sets forth a repayment schedule.