Sheriffs, Undersheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Special Plan for ERS Tier 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members

(Article 14B: Sections 551, 552 and 553)

Becoming Eligible for a Benefit


Once you have accrued the required amount of credited service, you will be vested. This means you have earned the right to receive a retirement benefit, even if you leave public employment.

  • Tier 3 and 4 members must have five years of credited service.
  • Tier 5 and 6 members must have ten years of credited service.


The amount of your vested benefit is based on your service, age at retirement and your earnings when you were an active member.


Vesting is automatic — you do not have to fill out any paperwork or file an application to become vested. However, you will need to file a retirement application to begin receiving your vested benefit.