Sheriffs, Undersheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Special Plan for ERS Tier 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members

(Article 14B: Sections 551, 552 and 553)

Creditable Service


Creditable service under the special plans includes most service performed as a sheriff or undersheriff while a member of the Retirement System. Deputy sheriff service is creditable only if at least 50 percent of your duties involve criminal law enforcement. Credit is also available for certain military service.

You are also eligible to receive credit for service you earned while working in the following titles:

  • Member or officer of the New York State Police;
  • Paid firefighter; or
  • Police officer or officer of any organized fire department or police force or department of any New York county, city, village, town, fire or police district.

Members enrolled in Section 551 or 551(e) can also receive credit for their service as a New York State correction officer or county correction officer, sheriff, undersheriff or deputy sheriff with another New York county provided that county offers a similar 25-year plan.

Service performed in titles other than those listed above may count toward your vested, disability, and death benefits, but not toward your 20- or 25-year service retirement plan.