Sheriffs, Undersheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Special Plan for ERS Tier 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members

(Article 14B: Sections 551, 552 and 553)

Leaves of Absence


Since service is usually not credited for any period of time you do not receive earnings, credit is not given for:

  • Leaves of absence without pay;
  • Authorized, unpaid medical leaves of absence; or
  • Unpaid leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.


Workers’ Compensation

Depending on your bargaining unit, most State employees will receive up to one year of service credit per accident for time spent on Workers’ Compensation leave. Generally, employees of participating non-State employers will not receive credit for time spent on Workers’ Compensation leave. To determine your eligibility and the cost (if any), please send a request to the Retirement System for review.