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IX.1 Accounting for Federal Grants
IX.10 Federal Treasury Offset Program
--IX.10.A Federal Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Purpose and Scope
--IX.10.B Federal Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Background
--IX.10.C Federal Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Agency Responsibilities
IX.11 Single Audit Act Compliance
--IX.11.A Single Audit Act Accounting and Reporting Requirements
--IX.11.B Federal Program Information Act of 1977 (As Amended)
IX.12 Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA)
--IX.12.A Key Provisions
--IX.12.B Federal Responsibility
--IX.12.C State Responsibility
--IX.12.D Federal Funding Subject to CMIA
--IX.12.E Specific Programs Subject to CMIA
--IX.12.F CMIA Interest Liabilities
--IX.12.G Check Clearance Patterns
--IX.12.H Key CMIA Documents
--IX.12.I Updated and Expanded CMIA Regulations
--IX.12.K Functional Clearance Patterns
--IX.12.M Journal Vouchers
--IX.4.J State Requirements in Support of CMIA Implementation
IX.2 Acronyms and Terminology
--IX.2.A Acronyms
--IX.2.B Terminology
IX.5 Federal Billing & Invoicing
--IX.5 Federal Billing & Invoicing Overview
--IX.5.A Billing for Non-Onboarding Agencies
--IX.5.B Billing for Onboarding Agencies
IX.6 Drawdown Process
--IX.6.A Drawdown Overview
--IX.6.B OSC Draw Procedures
--IX.6.C Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)
--IX.6.D HHS Payment Management System
--IX.6.E Education Department - G5 System
--IX.6.F Agency Draw Procedures
IX.7 State Accounting and Reporting Overview
--IX.7.A Funds
--IX.7.B Funds Distribution
--IX.7.C Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs
--IX.7.D Cost Allocation
--IX.7.E Disaster Assistance
--IX.7.F M-Year Legislation
--IX.7.G Statewide Financial System Reports
--IX.7.H Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA)
--IX.7.J Final Reports
--IX.7.K Record Retention
IX.7.G Statewide Financial System Reports
IX.8 Federal Grant Refunds
--IX.8.B Interest on Advance Payments to Vendors
IX.9 Administrative Recoveries - Transfers to Other Funds
--IX.9.A Transfer Authorizations
--IX.9.B Transfers to Other Funds
--IX.9.C Transfer Procedure