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XII.1 Expenditures Overview
XII.2 Expenditure Policies
XII.3 Record Retention – Accounts Payable Vouchers and Land Claims
XII.4 Payment Certification Requirements
--XII.4.A Vendor Requests for Payment
--XII.4.B Certification of Vouchers
--XII.4.C Updating Agency Contacts
--XII.4.D Certification of Internal Controls over the Payment Process
--XII.4.E Electronic Invoicing
--XII.4.F Proper Invoice
XII.5 Agency Payment Preparation and Submittal
--XII.5.A Selecting the Appropriate Voucher Style
--XII.5.B Unique Invoice Number Requirements
--XII.5.C Selecting the Appropriate Vendor and Address Sequence
--XII.5.D Selecting the Appropriate Location
--XII.5.E Processing Vouchers Against a Purchase Order
--XII.5.F Payment Dates and Terms Overview
--XII.5.G Entering the Appropriate Obligation and Accounting Dates on Vouchers
--XII.5.H Appropriate Payment Amounts
--XII.5.I Prompt Payment Interest
--XII.5.J Entering the Division of the Budget Approval Code
--XII.5.K Federally Reportable Payments
--XII.5.L Entering Appropriate Detail in the Invoice Line Fields
--XII.5.M Selecting the Appropriate Handling Code
--XII.5.N Processing Vouchers using the MSC01 Business Unit
XII.6 Unique Payment Situations
--XII.6.A Paying Another State Agency
--XII.6.B Land Acquisition Payments
--XII.6.C Paying Prompt Contract Interest
--XII.6.D Paying a Single Payment Vendor
--XII.6.E Making an Emergency Payment
--XII.6.F Paying Deceased Legislator Benefits
--XII.6.G Paying Debt Service
--XII.6.H Paying an Accidental Death Benefit
--XII.6.I Paying a Non-State Employee
--XII.6.J Paying a Refund
--XII.6.L Replenishing an Advance Account
--XII.6.M Lien Processing and Financial Reporting for Sole Custody Accounts
--XII.6.N Paying the New York Independent Systems Operator
--XII.6.O Paying Retainage
--XII.6.P Processing a Payment to a Military Address
--XII.6.Q Paying and Reconciling State Credit Card Charges
--XII.6.S Paying a Vendor in a Foreign Currency
--XII.6.U Payments Pursuant to Awards and Non-Judicial Settlement Agreements
--XII.6.Z Processing Payments to Complex Entities
--XII.6.A.A Using the Real Estate Module to Pay Lease Vouchers
XII.7 Office of the State Comptroller Audit Process
--XII.7.A Responding to Voucher and Expense Report Audit Questions
--XII.7.B Voucher Denials
--XII.7.C Reprocessing an OSC Denied Voucher
--XII.7.D Expedite Requests
XII.8 Voucher Processing
--XII.8 Overview
--XII.8.A Workflow in the Accounts Payable Module
--XII.8.B Matching
--XII.8.C Payment Intercepts
--XII.8.D Contract Assignments and Sureties
--XII.8.E Payment Assignments
--XII.8.F Changes to Vouchers After Submission to OSC
--XII.8.G Payment Alternatives
--XII.8.H Voucher Mass Approval
XII.9 Post-Payment Activities
--XII.9.A Obtaining Reports or Information from the Office of the State Comptroller
--XII.9.B Liens Against Payments Processed Using a Joint Custody Account
--XII.9.C Reissuing or Cancelling a Vendor, Employee Expense, or SSI/SSP Check
--XII.9.D Refunds Owed to the State
--XII.9.F Correcting Payments Processed Against the Incorrect Purchase Order
--XII.9.G Reissuing or Cancelling a Refund Check
--XII.9.H Audit Recoveries
XII.10 Special Considerations
--XII.10.A Lapsing and Year-End Procedures for Payment Processing
--XII.10.B Business Continuity Plan – Critical Payments During an Emergency
--XII.10.C Verifying Vendor Licenses, Certifications, Registrations, Insurance, and Qualifications
--XII.10.D Monitoring Moving Services
--XII.10.E Reporting the Theft, Loss or Misuse of State Assets