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Deductions and Tax Administration Manual
--Deductions and Tax Administration
Earnings Section
--Background Information
--Common PayServ Pages Used
Additional Pay Earnings
--Additional Pay Payments Included in the Calculation of Overtime
--Geographic Pay Differentials
--Inconvenience Pay
--Location Pay
--Mid-Hudson Location Pay
--Occupational Pay Differentials
--PEF Firearm Training and Safety Incentive Program
--Pre-Shift Briefing
--Seasonal Longevity Lump Sum
--Shift Pay Differentials
Longevity Payments
--Longevity Performance Award- LLS
--Longevity Steps - Security
Military Leave
--Military Leave
--Military Stipend
NYSTEP Certification
Overpayments and Underpayments
--Overpayment Recovery
--Underpayments and Late Retroactive Transaction Submission
PayServ Information
--Action/Reason Codes
--Anniversary Dates
--Anniversary Date/Day Worked Calculators
--Bargaining Units
--Earnings Codes
--Frequently Used ControlD Reports
--Increment Codes
--Pay Basis Code Information
--Pay Cycle and Pay Type Information
--PayServ Glossary of Terms
--Wage Calculation Factors
Salary Determination
--Assigning an Hourly Rate
--Appointments Above the Minimum
--Appointments of State Officers
--Increased Hiring Salaries
--Initial Appointment
--Lateral Transfers
--Promotion – Graded Positions
--Special Salary Treatment Search Engine
--Unallocated to Graded Positions
--Wage Calculation Factors
Salary Withholding Program
Separation from State Service
--Payments upon Separation from State Service
--Termination from State Service
--Unpaid Leave from State Service
Special Employment
--Budget Director Approvals
--Extra Service - DOB Approval
--Dual Employment
Special Wage Adjustments
--Back Salary Awards
--Deficit Reduction Program
--Out-of-Title Step 3 Grievance Award
Time Entry Payments
--Extra Service - DOB Approval
--Hazardous Duty Pay Differentials
--Holiday Pay
--Hospital Duty Pay
--Lump Sum Payment Upon Separation
--Over 40 Comp Time II Cash Out
--Overtime Compensation
--Special Assignment to Duty Pay
--Standby On-call
Workers' Compensation
--Payment Eligibilty while on Workers' Compensation
Payroll Resources