Proposed Amendments to Title 2 New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Sections 300.1, 310.1, and Appendix 10

Amendments have been proposed by the New York State Comptroller to Title 2, NYCRR Sections 300.1 and 310.1, which relate to the rate of estimated future investment earnings and the mortality and service tables used for valuation purposes. 

The proposed amendments are filed with the Secretary of State and provided below to notify and afford the public an opportunity to comment. Public comments will be accepted until 60 days after the posting date, which was December 22, 2021.

To submit a comment, please email Legislative Counsel Marcella Sgroi at [email protected]. Please include the words “Comment on Proposed Amendments” in the subject line of your email and provide your contact information in the body of your email in case follow up is needed.

In the following PDF, new information is underlined and the information that is being replaced is in brackets.

Proposed Amendments to Title 2 NYCRR Sections 300.1, 310.1, and Appendix 10 (PDF)