Accounts Payable Advisory No. 38

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Bureau of State Expenditures
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Reward Programs
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Reward Programs – Information for Travel and Purchase Reward Programs


Some vendors that do business with the State offer rewards or points for certain purchases that can be redeemed for other benefits, such as additional goods, services, or “cash back.”  The New York State Commission on Public Integrity (now succeeded by the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics) issued Advisory Opinion No. 08-04, which addresses the personal use of purchase rewards or points.  Generally, State employees:

  • May NOT personally use rewards or points accumulated from the purchase of goods or services for State use.
  • May personally use travel rewards or points accumulated as a result of traveling on State business.

Agencies should ensure State officers and employees are aware of and are in compliance with Advisory Opinion No. 08-04 and the limited, permissible use of rewards or points programs.

For more information regarding this Advisory Opinion, see: