State Audits Issued in the Last 60 Days

You can bulk download agency audits issued between 2009 to present.

Following is a list of all available Taxpayer Guides issued in the last 60 days.

Links to the complete audit reports can be found within the Guides.

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Windows Domain Administration and Management
Agency: Information Technology Services, Office of 
Issued: 05/31/23

Selected Aspects of Toll Collections
Agency: New York State Thruway Authority
Issued: 05/26/23

Privacy and Security of Student Data
Agency: State Education Department
Issued: 05/16/23

Mitchell-Lama Vacancies (Follow-Up)
Agency: Housing Preservation and Development, New York City Department of
Issued: 05/12/23

Selected Aspects of Accommodations for Passengers With Disabilities (Follow-Up)
Agency: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey 
Issued: 05/12/23

Controls Over Tablet and Kiosk Usage by Incarcerated Individuals
Agency: Corrections and Community Supervision, Department of
Issued: 05/11/23

Controls Over Vehicle Use and Transportation-Related Expenses (Follow-Up)
Agency: Transportation, Department of
Issued: 05/11/23

Medicaid Program – Claims Processing Activity April 1, 2022 Through September 30, 2022
Agency: Health, Department of (Medicaid Program)
Issued: 05/11/23

Non-Revenue Service Vehicles and On-Rail Equipment
Agency: Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Long Island Rail Road
Issued: 05/03/23

Improper Payments of Medicare Buy-in Premiums for Ineligible Recipients (Follow-Up)
Agency: Health, Department of (Medicaid Program)
Issued: 04/12/23

Medicaid Program – Excessive Payments for Durable Medical Equipment Rentals
Agency: Health, Department of (Medicaid Program)
Issued: 04/12/23